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Wish you learned about 401(k)s and HSAs instead of parallelograms in school? Yeah, so do your employees. With LearnLux’s high tech high touch Financial Wellbeing tools at their fingertips, your team will be so financially secure they’ll forget it’s payday.

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Help your employees with lessons, digital tools, and expert guidance.

Money anxiety follows your employees to the workplace. With their mind on debt, expenses, rising health care costs and lagging retirement readiness, their productivity suffers. When times get tough, financially stressed employees turn to pricey payday advances, take out 401(k) loans, and quit their jobs for a marginal pay raise. We designed LearnLux to break this cycle that’s painful for employees and employers alike.

  • Employee Benefits
  • Student Debt
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Retirement
  • Home Ownership
  • Saving for College
  • Equity Compensation
  • Open Enrollment
  • …and more

Quotation MarkIt’s about work / life / account balance

LearnLux is the digital, independent financial and benefits education platform that will supercharge your wellbeing strategy. Life is unpredictable, so we empower employees to learn, plan and make real behavior changes that will set them up for financial success. Payroll is how they make a living but financial wellbeing is how they’ll make a life.

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Financial Wellbeing Buyer’s Guide

Just starting your search for the perfect workplace financial wellbeing program? On a mission to shift your company’s financial wellbeing strategy? Either way, We’ve got your back.

Let’s show you how we do it

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Whether it’s benefits, retirement planning, insurance, or building credit - we’ve got your back. LearnLux’s online education hub puts the power in your hands. Learn in a friendly, fun and engaging way, then turn knowledge into action.

Our advice is objective and unbiased with no conflict of interest. We do not sell financial products. All content is written and reviewed by our in-house content and independent financial advisory team.

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Digital Tools

Financial wellbeing plans, budgets, and more to help your dollars make sense. Discover opportunities for building wealth, and map your path to a bright financial future.

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Expert Advice

Everyone deserves access to financial guidance. Set goals, then talk to a friendly LearnLux Advisor to receive one-on-one support and identify the best opportunities to meet them.

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We are always looking for new ways to invest in our people to help them be successful, while also trying to reduce the administrative burden on our HR teams. LearnLux provides an on-demand, easy to use platform that educates and prepares our employees for major life decisions…. including health insurance, retirement planning, or buying a home.

Wellbeing for your team. Innovation for You.

A solution to workplace financial stress that’s loved by hard working employees and busy HR leaders, too. See usage and engagement metrics. Advanced wellbeing reports identify areas where your population is struggling or thriving.

Why Partner with LearnLux?

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Custom Lessons

Each company is unique, so content is created just for you. Teach employees about the benefits and programs that your company offers - even scary stuff like stock options.

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Results-Driven Communication

Outreach campaigns, reminders, and timely content keep your team up to speed. Drive positive outcomes and gold-star engagement beyond just Open Enrollment.

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Powered by People Data

At-a-glance usage and engagement metrics keep you informed on how the tools are being used. Advanced wellbeing reports identify areas where your population is struggling or thriving.

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it’s crucial for us to help our team live and work effectively and with minimal stress or distraction. Money troubles can be devastating to one’s psyche, so we like to make sure our team is financially well.

Patrick Shreckengast

Co-founder, VP of Business Development

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