The LearnLux Team

We’re on a mission to make financial wellness a priority.

LearnLux was built to help you navigate your most difficult financial decisions.

We create online learning tools to empower you to take control of your personal finances. Like many people, we were faced with financial decisions and didn’t feel prepared. We talked to a lot of people to figure out how we personally could learn this information and in the process realized that most people feel like they need to know more about their financial futures, as well.

Financial literacy is not a priority in our education system. As a result, people miss out on their prime investment period, fail to develop the credit they’ll need later in life, and make big financial decisions out of fear—rather than education. We set out to develop the educational tools we wished that we would have had to help us understand our own personal finances.

We are a strong team of people who believe that financial education should be more accessible. Interested? Drop us a line at work@learnlux.com.